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Coconut Cream

Fiesta Coconut Cream is the pure extract of coconut meat, combined
with natural stabilizers and UHT processed to preserve the freshness
and natural flavor of newly squeezed coconut milk. Proudly processed
in the Philippines.

The UHT process technology provides superb flavor alternative to
retort-processed coconut milk in cans. This product is best used in
beverages and other liquid applications as it allows an even more
convenient processing by eliminating the need to hydrate or dissolve
a powdered product before use. Cooking with coconut cream is also made quick and easy by
simply opening the pack and pouring the product into the preparation.

Fiesta Coconut Cream is a non-GMO ingredient and is also available in stabilizer-free, dairy-free,
and sweetened variants (with high brix) to satisfy the increasing needs and preferences of
manufacturers and consumers.

Packaging and Sizes

200-kg aseptic bag in steel drum
25-kg aseptic bag in double walled corrugated carton
250 ml: 27 tetra bricks in a master carton
(coconut cream can also be packed in 200 ml tetra bricks under private branding arrangement)

Ideally, Fiesta Coconut Cream is placed in any of the following sections:
baking needs, mixes, beside fresh seafood, vegetables and meat, condiments, and essences.