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Through the ensuing years and in the hands of FBI’s and FFII’s management team, well-trained
production staff and zealous workforce, the manufacturing capabilities and other areas of
operations of both companies have increased. Major improvements and expansion took place
along with the installation of modern facilities to ensure steady supply of superior quality
products to the companies’ customers.

These expansion and improvement of facilities required a significant increase in the level of
efficiency in all phases of FBI’s and FFII’s operations, ushering in further changes. An
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) computer-based system designed to match the increased
interaction and flow of information was installed, thus improving management decision making
at all levels. Reorganization and training programs, both in the technical and specialized
fields, were also initiated to increase the companies’ level of service.

Today, FBI and FFII showcase the transformation of Medina Plant from being a traditional
processed coconut mill to becoming an integrated, multi-line, multi-product food manufacturing
facility. Both companies will continue to provide products and services of international
standards by strengthening linkages with distributors and agents and through the following:

- the companies’ integrated and most diversified coconut factory in the country, utilizing many
alternative food processing technologies in food dehydration, spray drying and UHT processing,
supported by a full R&D program for product applications and process design and improvements

- a reliable coconut buying program, nurtured by relationships with farmers and dealers and
backed up by the companies’ own fleet of trucks, ensuring uninterrupted flow of raw materials
to each processing plant

- fully implemented HACCP and GMP programs

- the successful audit and certification by the American Institute of Baking, a rating
organization widely accepted throughout North America, and by the British Retail Consortium,
an organization whose accreditation is widely accepted in the United Kingdom and the EEC

- the high level of information technology throughout the company, which has helped attain
a high degree of operation controls, management effectiveness and customer service, such as:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, which fully integrates the company’s
finance, manufacturing, physical logistics and marketing information databases,
helping to improve management controls and decision making at all levels

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) software, fully computerizing
laboratory operations in order to assist in maximizing control over production

Preventive Maintenance Planning System software, which helps plan all preventive
maintenance activities in order to achieve a high degree of plant equipment
Human Resource Information Management System software,
which unifies in one database all payroll and human resource information
involving more than 1,800 company personnel, making possible better management
of work productivity

- a fully racked and palletized Finished Goods Warehouse equipped with a ventilation system to
provide ideal storage conditions, supported by a fully computerized system of tracking down
production lot numbers, stock movements for proper storage, allocation to orders and shipping,
providing unmatched product traceability

- a modern Techno Center housing modern laboratory facilities, the Technical Training Room,
the Research and Development Center and the Equipment Calibration Center. The laboratories
are fully equipped to conduct all standard physical, chemical and microbiological tests for
process control and release of all finished goods

- an integrated Wastewater Treatment Plant using the latest Australian technology that ensures
compliance with government regulatory standards

- an expanded Nut Storage Warehouse that assures proper and adequate storage of coconuts
required for daily operations

To further enhance FBI’s and FFII’s reliability in bringing diversified processed food products to
major destinations around the world, arrangement has been established with major shipping
lines to load containers directly from the major international port in Mindanao island closest
to Medina plant, Cagayan de Oro port.

This direct loading arrangement assures minimal delays in shipping, competitive rates and
efficient planning and coordination with shipping lines that guarantee constant availability of
food grade containers required and continuous cargo tracking from the factory to final
destination. Soon, a newer international Mindanao Container Terminal will be operational
to better service shipping needs.

Through all these undertakings, Fiesta Brands Inc. and Fresh Fruit Ingredients Inc. have truly
become world-class.

A Dynamic Organization

Fiesta Brands Inc. and Fresh Fruit Ingredients Inc. believe that the people are its primary and
most important resource. The highly trained workforce of managers, staff and technical
personnel responsible for producing the companies’ award winning products are regarded as
the heart and soul of the organization. These are the people who benefit from the dynamic
organization with a human resource-centered policy that is focused on harnessing individual
and collective creativity, continuous training and development, and growth.

A Commitment to Excellence

FBI and FFII continue to stride confidently into the global market, having gained the confidence
of some of the most reputable names in the food industry and having developed over the years
a distinctive reputation as a reliable supplier of premium processed coconut products that
unfailingly reach the five major continents.







With resourcefulness and innovation, these companies will continue to improve every facet of
operations, facing confidently, as before, all the challenges ahead.