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Ice Cream Base

Skim Milk Powder Substitute… 10.000%
Dairy Fat… 8.000%
Fiesta Coconut Milk Powder… 7.000%
Ice-Cream Stabilizer… 0.300%
Vanilla Powder… 0.002%
Water… 62.698%
Sugar… 12.000%

Total     100.000% by wt.

Process and Parameters:

Dry blend Fiesta Coconut Milk Powder with a portion of sugar.

In Tank 1, heat up 30% of the water to 70°C. Dissolve the stabilizer for 10 to 15 minutes.

In Tank 2, heat up remaining water to 50°C – 55°C. Dissolve Fiesta Coconut Milk Powder
– sugar dry blend for 5 to 10 minutes. Add the remaining sugar and mix until dry mixture
is totally dissolved. Add the Skim Milk Powder Substitute and dissolves for 10 to 15
minutes or until mixture is free from lumps.

Transfer the stabilizer mix into the Fiesta Coconut Milk Powder mixture. Mix for another
5 minutes.

Pasteurize at 79°C for 25 seconds. Homogenize.

Quickly cool to 4.4°C. The ice-cream base must age at this temperature for at least four
(4) hours to allow the fat to solidify resulting to a shorter freezing time and a
smoother product.

Freeze using batch freezing or continuous freezing.

ice cream base